Friday, June 6, 2008

Added background gcc compile functionality to Shake Command Win

O.K. I could add an additional feature to Shake Command Window.
This time you can write a plug-in source code directly in the text field and this tool does the following things for you.
1) compile it using gcc
2) load it in shake
3) execute it
4) (optionally) unload it from shake
5) (optionally) delete files used for the execution

These are settings tab and several windows. Texts in the header include and footer include windows are just added to the c++ code in the gcc tab so that you don' t have to write these #include and extern stuff every time. shellLog is a log window when the tool compiles your code, and make is the makefile to compile. These texts are editable except shellLog. There are some more settings. I'll summerize it lator.

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