Sunday, November 23, 2008

pypy first test

I installed pypy and tested just a little bit.
my RPython code is

def myfunc():
for i in range(10000):
print "tamtam", i

and it took 0.06 sec to print 10000 lines, not bad.

$ python bin/
>>> import translator.test.mytest as mytest
>>> t = Translation(mytest.myfunc)
>>> t.rtype()
>>> f = t.compile_c()
>>> print time.time();f();print time.time()
tamtam 0
tamtam 1
tamtam 9999

I also wanted to use pypy as a llvm python frontend. The sample code worked but my function didn't. The pypy getting-started doc says I should use llvm1.9 but I installed the latest (ver 2.4). It is said that llvm doesn't pay big attention to backward compatibility so maybe it's due to llvm version mismatch, or my wrong pypy/llvm usage.

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