Monday, January 5, 2009

Shikine Island

Last automn I went to Shikine island.
I'll show you photos taken with my cool digital camera (aka mobile phone).

Shikine island is in Tokyo prefecture but located far south of the main land. It takes 11 hours by ferry from Tokyo.

Room number on the ferry is 900.

Good enough.

Tokyo tower from the ferry.

Next morning. Still on the ferry. It's another island.

That's Shikine!

Came to the hotel room. Typical Japanese style.

I went to a beach. Unfortunately waves were too big. I went to the island for scuba diving but I couldn't since the condition of one of my shoulders was not good. Now I can't swim either...

I decided to go to a hot spring. Shikine island is famous for hot springs. One of them is at the bottom. I needed to go down.

Natural bathtub (it's nearly a boiling water, don't believe me).

A graffiti carved on a rock wall. It says. "'75 Shigeru(name). A day in youth'. Be careful when you carve something on a wall, somebody will take a picture and put it on the net 30 years in the future :p

High tide water reached here 6 years ago on a typhoon season.

Reached here.

A hole to see the water temperature of the hot spring. Warm inside.

A camp site.

Second day. I went to a beach.

Somewhere in the island.

It was a beautiful beach, and the waves were not big.

My gears. Let's go snorkeling.

About half kinds of the fish I saw was familiar.

Reading a book while drying my wet.

In the evening I went to another hot spring. This place was easier to come. Wearing a swim suit was a must, unlike many Japanese outdoor spas. Lots of locals were here too. I was just hearing their conversations.
"In the world war 2, I was in ..."
"Baseball game result was..."
"McCain was elected president ... Ah no, Obama"
"People in that island are friendly, that island are not ..."
blah blah blah

Another one. This was the best.

The third day. I went to a natural trail.

Looks nice.

Well, a little bit too natural. I needed to avoid disturbing little spidys' cute life by mistakenly breaking their beautiful nests.

Camera t=(0, 0, -0.3) r=(0, 180, 0). Me at origin.

Camera t=(0, 0, 0) r=(90, 0, 0). Spydy at (0, 0.7, 0)

There used to be a seal in the cave.

The trail is getting better. Guess I don't have to be suffered from the nests any more.

Of course it was wrong.

I decided to use a weapon to get rid of those nasty traps set up by little devils.

Finally I walked through the spider trail, oops natural trail. There was still some more time left until the sunset.

A beautiful shellfish shape bay and beach. It's a shame my camera is not good. better photos on google image.

"A seventy year old woman made steps and a hand-made beacon on her own. No ship wrecked since then" written on the rock. Wowgoodstorywhydidnobodyhelpher.

Big work.

The beacon. Climbing up the steps was too much work for me.

A park. I drew a sketch here. I'd rather not show it here, for the rest of my life.





That's all. thanks for reading.

Good bye island.


BrokeMom said...

Loved it, great picture story!

hohehohe2 [at] said...

Hi BrokeMom,

Thank you!

Fin said...

Your English is excellent. I very much enjoyed your photos, because I love to see places I have not been.

It is very pretty there and I thank you for sharing your trip with us.

hohehohe2 [at] said...

You are welcome. I'd been hoping to visit an isolated small island and I found Shikine island was the one I was looking for. I'm happy I could share my experience.