Saturday, September 25, 2010

hohehohe2's OpenMaya tutorial is closing

My OpenMaya(Maya API) tutorial site and its main page are closing due to the end of the free hosting service they are using.

In the meantime I may reopen it somewhere else but at the moment there's no plan for it since the contents are getting old, I've moved my main blog here, and I have less interest in maintaining these kind of informations.

It'll be closed at the end of October. I think the role of the site has finished but if you happen to need it and cannot read it anymore, please email me.


opeca64 said...

I just found your OpenMaya tutorial today, and you're taking it off...that's really ironic.

I found it (despite it's limitations) extremely helpful (much more so than the Whitepaper).

Just want to say thanks, and I find it helpful - though the Plugin-Wizard doesn't exist these days (I spent a week getting that working)

hohehohe2 [at] said...

hmmm, I will think about moving it to somewhere.