Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shake Command Window ver. 0.94

As I wrote looong time ago, I released ShakeCommandWindow 0.94

New features are:

- Open window by pressing macro button
- At-least-not-crash level fail safe on pointer/floating point/pipe related runtime errors (1)
- Fix freeze bug when pressing macro button while settings panel is open
- Fix freeze bug when trying to display non-ascii string
- Created settings dialog (2)
- Modified default gcc header/footer includes

I signal trapped inside the SCW plug-in so now it doesn't crash when your gcc code has a null-pointer bug, /0 bug, etc. This is not perfect, because newer gcc compilers do not let me raise an exception inside the signal handler, class destructors are not called property, it will probably cause memory leaks and some other side effects. That's why I call it At-least-not-crash level fail safe. But I was happy with this when I was using SCW to make another plug-in.

For unknown reason, my wxPython wouldn't work anymore when a button is in a tab, so I made a separate settings dialog and "settings" button to open the dialog.

You can download it here.

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