Monday, October 6, 2008

Ragel State Machine Compiler

Have you seen this?

Ragel State Machine Compiler

Ragel compiles executable finite state machines from regular languages. Ragel targets C, C++, Objective-C, D, Java and Ruby. Ragel state machines can not only recognize byte sequences as regular expression machines do, but can also execute code at arbitrary points in the recognition of a regular language. Code embedding is done using inline operators that do not disrupt the regular language syntax.

Interesting, and looks so useful !

Oct. 9 added.

I found another tool.
The State Machine Compiler
While Ragel is more suitable for text processing, this one is something more general purpose. Though it is interesting, I wonder if it is so useful. I know it's tedious to turn a state diagram into a code when the number of states/actions gets larger but it's just tedious and not confusing. Just wondering if adding a tool for it in the project is worth while, trading off building and porting simplicity.
Well, I haven't looked through the document. I'm just saying that after the first look and may change my opinion later.

By the way bringing the concept of state machine in visual programming can be interesting. It's an easy to learn concept and naturally easy to visualize (thinking about something weird again ;)

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