Friday, June 26, 2009

Recursive directory search configuration for anything.el

Continued from the previous entry.
If the selected document is html (".html" or ".htm" case insensitive) it opens the document with w3m in a new frame, otherwise it just opens it normally as a text file in the current frame.


(require 'w3m)
(require 'anything-config)

;;;; Find

(defun hohe2-register-c-source-find (config-symbol title-name find-dir min-required-chars)
"Register a new find configuration"
(set config-symbol
`(name . ,title-name)
`(candidates . (lambda ()
(apply 'start-process "find-process" nil
(concat "*" anything-pattern "*"))
'(type . findfile)
`(requires-pattern . ,min-required-chars)

(defun hohe2-anything-html-open-method (c)
(select-window (frame-selected-window (make-frame)))
(w3m-browse-url (concat "file://" c)))

(defun hohe2-anything-default-open-method (c)
(let ((ext (file-name-extension c)))
(if ext
(if (member (downcase ext) '("html" "htm"))
(hohe2-anything-html-open-method c)
(find-file c)))))

(add-to-list 'anything-type-attributes
'(findfile (action
("Default" . hohe2-anything-default-open-method)
("Browse other window" . (lambda (c)
(hohe2-anything-html-open-method c)))
("Browse" . (lambda (c) (w3m-browse-url (concat "file://" c))))
("Browse with Firefox" . (lambda (c) (shell-command (concat "firefox file://" c))))
("Open as text" . find-file)

(provide 'hohe2-anything-find)

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